SKOPELOS TIMETABLES FERRY ROUTES BY FERRY BOAT SHIP CATAMARAN (FLYING CAT) HYDROFOILS (FLYING DOLPHINS) (ALSO FOR SKIATHOS AND ALONNISOS ISLANDS) searched before you and facilitate you by providing all the information and the external links for the timetables to Skopelos Skiathos and Alonnisos (Sporades islands) from / to Volos,Agios Konstantinos (for visitors from Athens via shipping company bus)Evia Kimi (for visitors from Athens via bus)Evia Mantoudi (for visitors from Athens via bus)Thessaloniki (If no ferry from Thessaloniki you will have to travel via Volos by bus train and then ferry)

All ships (usually) starting from Volos and Agios Konstantinos pass from Skiathos , Skopelos (some from Glossa) Alonissos (and return).

NOTE Schedules for Current Period: Currently the routes that are active for the winter period: the ferry Express Skiathos (Hellenic Seaways)  from Volos and catamaran flying cat (Hellenic Seaways) from Volos and 06/04/2015 from Agios Konstantinos. Flying Dolphin Erato (Aegean Flying Dolphins) from Volos and Agios Konstantinos from 01 of April. From 03 of May from Volos and from 18 of May from Evia Mantoudi the ferry Proteus of ANES lines. Middle of May will start and the passenger catamaran Speecat from Agios Konstantinos and end of May the ferry Express Pegasus of Hellenic Seaways from Agios Konstantinos. Last boat entry middle of June Ferry Achilles from Evia Kimi (and Skyros) to Skopelos. For the frequency of the timetables and the days you can get informed from the ferry companies.

NOTE Schedules for 2015: The ferry timetables of 2015 will definitely serve the following destinations, but we will a change to the ferries, we will update the details as we have more details.

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